What is heART?

What is heART in the garden?

“Art is not a thing; it is a way.”
Elbert Hubbard

...we agree - heART is not a thing - it is a way of celebrating all that is beautiful in the world.

heART in the garden deals in art that makes people content and actualised. Our service is to improve your life in the following ways:

heART Exhibition (read more)
heART in the garden hosts an annual art exhibition, featuring mostly local artists’ work, of all mediums, carefully selected to blend into a visual delight for art lovers, gift mecca for the festive season and peaceful picnic escape.

heART Core Interior Consulting (read more)
heART in the garden is a consulting business for interior and architect companies, assisting in the design, creating and/or sourcing of unique art and decor pieces.

heART Rock Café (read more)
For bigger events, let your worries with us to put together a great party for you! We get creative and follow it through in true event management detail.

heART exhibition
heart in the garden is a collaboration of artists (called heARTists) that exhibit in the home and garden of fellow heARTist, Johan Alberts, since 2006. The exhibition, featuring art works and other hand-made stocking fillers have grown from strength the strength, attracting many many 'die heart fans'


It is pronounced as ‘heart in the garden’ – Johan and Melt just got creative in the way they wanted to emphasize both 'heart' and 'art'. A lot of heART goes into the ART exhibition.

Articles on heART in the garden featured in the Beeld, Rapport, Record and an online article on http://www.mediaupdate.co.za/

'heART in the garden' celebrated it's 10th exhibition in 2012 (over 7 years)

'heART in the garden' participated in the Lekker Life Festival at Silver Star casino in 2012 and won De Kat's best exhibition

'heART in the Piazza' was a unique collaboration with MTN and Monte Casino, bringing the "heART" to Monte Casino's Piazza in 2012
heART Core Interior Consulting
Our goal is to create an enriching environment, either at work or home that encapsulates the look and feel you desire.

Whether you are developing unique corporate art collections or searching for pieces that will add beauty and create the best atmosphere for your home, we are there to assist in the sourcing and/ or creation of such pieces.

With extensive experience in selecting art for our art exhibitions, and presenting these to the public in a home setting since 2006, we have established a reputation for delivering the highest levels of excellence that has distinguished us among other art galleries. Our aims for your environment are:
• Create an environment that focuses on customer specific needs
• Cost effective
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Personalised and professional service, with attention to detail

Using the ability to combine customers’ wishes with creativity to acquire a unique ambience, heART Core Interior Consulting has two major focus areas, namely:

heART @ Work
A play on word for ‘hard at work’; this focus area is around sourcing suitable workplace art. What is workplace art? It generally is large art, usually modern, and is often made up of several pieces that fall within the same look or theme.

We spend more time in our workplace than our homes, so why not have the best workplace environment that makes us want to get up in the morning and go to work?

Quite simply put, happy employees = higher productivity = increased bottom line results. It is therefore imperative that your workspace has the best ‘corporate art’.

Home is where the heART is
Ever bought an art piece that looked great in a gallery, however does not fit in your home? This focus area is around souring art for your home that works, or getting your home to fit the art work you selected.

We are dedicated to providing quality professional consultation and working tirelessly to provide you with pieces that fit your unique preferences and needs. When you work with us, you will be able tap into a broad inventory and receive guidance from professionals who bring a vast range of industry knowledge and expertise. We make finding world-class art convenient and affordable for you.

Service Offering
The following services form part of the standard offer:
• Takes a customer's input on what he or she wants, takes careful measurements, determines if specifications meet safety codes, and artist impressions for the new design.
• Helps the customer decide on colour schemes, materials, and furniture that fit their personalities and add aesthetic beauty to their homes.
• The heART designer often personally selects the paints, artwork, furniture, and materials to be used for the project.
• The heART designer supervises contracted workers in the construction of the new interior design, ensuring that everything is up to code and matches the customer’s wishes.
• After the completion of a project, the heART designer meets once more with the customer to address any concerns and suggest small finishing touches.

Contact us today and take advantage of the variety of services we offer.

heART Rock Café
Events by design. The heART Rock Café team works quickly and efficiently to perfectly set up and style absolutely any venue to your specifications.

Each function has its own uniquely memorable ambience, perfectly suited to the nature of your event.

heART Rock Café bring all elements and more together to create an elegant and professional event just for you!
We specialize in:
  • Birthday parties (kids and grown ups; usually with a theme)
We have hosted a 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's party, themes around musicals, eastern, nostalgia - you name it

  • Engagement parties
Let's create a comfortable and romatic event to make the big announcement

  • Bachelorettte's
Good clean fun for the ladies, celebrating the end of 'singledom'

  • Weddings
Small wedding? Our venue is ideal. Big wedding? Let's assist you with your decor needs
  • Babyshowers
Our babyshowers include the traditional way as well as a unique event for both women and men, with loads of fun activities, e.g. Stroller Kayalami

  • Christenings
Having a garden christening with invited guests is very special and intimate

  • Anniversaries
Let's get the family together to celebrate your parents' anniversary
  • Private dinners
Need a night out - let Johan take over the cooking responsibilities for you and a group of friends.

Our service offering includes:
  • Invitation design
  • Costume Assistance Brochure – encouragement if it’s a ‘dress up’ party
  • Décor sourcing and creation
  • Venue sourcing. For events between ten to twenty-five people, the heART in the garden venue can be rented.
We are the heART of the party!